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Posted: October 21, 2019 by Angela Loewen



Fall is my favorite time of the year…  I am grateful for it’s arrival this year after an incredibly busy summer.  For me, it is about slowing down, and enjoying the little moments. Colorado is a busy place in the summer, with longer days, endless recreation, outdoor festivals, farmers markets and countless tourists coming to see our beautiful part of the state. 

Right now we are seeing the leaves turn and fall, and it’s time for football, marching bands, eating chili, and getting a quick drive into the mountains to enjoy the colors and the changing light. 


Hygge(pronounced “Hooga”) is a danish word for “coziness” and surrounding yourself with things that make life great, such as comforting foods, good friends, a warm blanket, a warm fire.  It has been said that hygge is what helped the danish get through winter.  

I have been doing this for years, before I even knew the term existed. For me, it is when I start cooking again, light candles at dinner, enjoy my solitude or gather with my family or friends for a Sunday dinner.  I have put all of my fall decorations out and love watching all of the leaves fall from my huge ash tree in the front yard. 

When I lived in Arizona, creating the feeling of hygge was a little more challenging.  It was hard to get cozy when the temperature can easily be in the 90’s in October and November. One of my favorite things about moving back to Colorado was the changing of the seasons and all the beauty that goes with that. 


Autumn is a good time to start preparing your home for winter.  It is much easier to start this when we still have an Indian summer and before the snow falls.  Fertilize your lawn and outdoor shrubs and plants, winterize your swamp coolers and sprinklers. It is also a good idea to inspect your roof for any potential leaks, clean gutters, seal windows, and any other outdoor projects that you may have put off in the summer.  I put my houseplants outdoors in the summer, so in the fall I spray them down, debug and fertilize them before bringing them back indoors. I like to prepare the interior of my home by a good deep cleaning, organizing closets for the changing season, and making sure all of my seasonal decor is within easy reach for decorating for the holidays.  Preparing the exterior and interior of my home helps me get in the mood for the season with less stress so I can enjoy the slowing down that comes with Fall. 

Selling your home in the Fall or Winter

The majority of people like to list their homes in the spring or summer because they feel that the exterior is in better shape and gives curb appeal that creates that first impression that attracts buyers.  While spring and summer does bring more buyers, some of this is due to the fact that more people travel in the summer, or choose to move in the warmer months. As a realtor, I believe that if you prepare your home before listing it, that any season is a good time to attract buyers.  In the winter, you may possibly attract the most serious of buyers. Use the seasons to showcase your home. Make your home warm and inviting to attract people so they can see themselves practicing “hygge” at any time , just by being in your beautiful space.  

Now it’s time for me to cozy under my blanket in front of the fire with a warm beverage and read any thoughts from you all on how you practice your “hygge”  and your favorite fall and winter gathering moments…. 

Thanks for reading,

Angela Loewen

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