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It has been a little while since I have written in my blog. You would think I would have had plenty of time in our couple of months of quarantine. I found myself during that time, taking care of only things I could control. My family and I hunkered down at home when news of the pandemic hit.  My focus was on them and making our nest as safe as possible. For me, my home is my sanctuary, and it comforts me in times of turmoil.  Like most of the world, we were forced to spend time together, sharing meals an... read more
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A TIME FOR GATHERING AUTUMN Fall is my favorite time of the year…  I am grateful for it’s arrival this year after an incredibly busy summer.  For me, it is about slowing down, and enjoying the little moments. Colorado is a busy place in the summer, with longer days, endless recreation, outdoor festivals, farmers markets and countless tourists coming to see our beautiful part of the state.  Right now we are seeing the leaves turn and fall, and it’s time for football, marching bands... read more
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Posted by Angela Loewen on June 07, 2019 in  uncategorized
Colorado Golf Season Where did Spring go? They say that you can play golf 7 months out of the year here because of mild winters and endless sunshine. This last winter however, was challenging because of the record amount of snowfall and cold temps in Montrose and surrounding areas.  It seems like Spring never came, and summer is having a hard time showing up. The snow has melted and now is the time to hit the links at our outstanding golf clubs here in Montrose. The Bridges Golf and Country Club The Bridge... read more
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SPINNING REAL ESTATE 6:00 A.M AT THE REC CENTER I attend a 6:00 spin class at our Impressive Montrose Recreation Center.  It is usually the same group of people in the early morning classes, and you get to know each other, even though we are half awake when we first arrive. After 45 minutes of spinning to the music, we are all a little more talkative when the class is over. There is a gentleman I talk to frequently about what plans we may have for the weekend, to hemp farming, construction, and Real Estate.... read more
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CLOSING DAY AT TELLURIDE I finally got the chance to attend the end of the ski season “Pond Skim” at Telluride Mountain this year, after missing it the last two seasons. I had heard from family and friends that it was not something to be missed. It is a unique celebration filled with joyful winter enthusiasts of all ages.  I have skied Telluride all of my life, but after living in Arizona for several years, I have a new appreciation for the San Juan Mountains. My husband and I chose to live in Mo... read more
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